Dating Tips 201

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Why are you still single? Learn to reflect on yourself. What is the issue you are facing? The top 3 reasons are 1) I haven’t met anyone I want to be involved with; 2) The people I’m interested in are attached, or are not interested in me; 3) I find it hard to meet someone who shares my values or interests. The Angsty Guy is a complain king who likes to whine that no girls are interested in him. The Picky Guy laments that it is difficult to find the girl of his dreams. The Bore does not know how to talk to women. The Guy Who Can’t be Bothered doesn’t put in effort in trying to meet new people. The Timid Guy doesn’t exhibit enough confidence during dates. The Workaholic works all day and doesn’t have time to date. The Mummy’s Boy clings to his parents and relies on them for decision-making. The Cheapskate refuses to pay for the first date. The Bad Boy usually attracts the type of girls who want to hang out with someone ‘cool’ and the relationship will usually not last.

Optimizing Your Online Dating Performance. Ensure that your dating profile is in tip top condition. For profile photos, go for quality over quantity. The photo resolution should be decent. Avoid using selfies as the resolution is lower and the photo might turn out grainy. If you wear little clothing in your display picture, you might attract the wrong sort of girl. It is best to use individual shots as compared to group photos, where the other party needs to guess which is you. Avoid using Photoshop, but using filters to adjust contrast or brightness is alright. Smile in your pictures. Make your occupation sound exciting and interesting. For date ideas, go for something unique. You can state things like ‘Let’s go to a quaint café with awesome atmosphere, and engage in witty banter over a cup of coffee.’ Go ahead and ask her questions. Send a maximum of 3 questions at a go and wait for her reply before sending more. Avoid too serious or personal questions at the start. Be honest when answering questions and don’t be afraid of being judged. Even if her answers are not all good, you might still want to give her a chance and go out with her on a date.

The First Date: Meeting Your Match. It can a bit awkward on the first date but you need to take things easy. When you first see her, compliment her on her attire and clothes etc. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed and it is important to look good on the date. Maintaining a good conversation is very important and there should not be awkward pauses. You can ask her about her 1) travels; 2) her friends; 3) personality; 4) her favorite place in Singapore (you could suggest that the second date be held there); 5) Share some of secrets or something embarrassing that happened to you. Avoid sharing about your exes, your problems or asking overly prying questions.




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