21 Reasons Why You Need a Good Mechanical Watch


  1. Watches are men’s form of jewellery and it is one of the few ways to flaunt your status and personality. Even if you own a flashy car or collectible paintings, you won’t be able to carry them around with you to the office. A quality timepiece can be stealthy and under-stated. However, only those in the know will be impressed with what you are wearing and the mechanics behind your watch.
  2. It can tell the time. Duh. This is after all the most important function of a wristwatch. Although one is able to tell the time via their smartphone, seeing it on your wrist is certainly more convenient and you do not have to whip out something from your pocket. The watch is the true messenger of time.
  3. You can ogle at its magnificent beauty. In a crowded setting like the train, simply whip out your watch and admire its intricacies and engineering beauty. This provides you with a feel-good factor that you can kick-start your day with.
  4. You need to wind your watch daily for it to continue running smoothly. This requires a certain level of discipline and effort, which is similar to brushing your teeth every morning or even feeding a pet. A certain level of discipline and order is necessary in this chaotic world.
  5. Just like a pet, you can take your watch out for a walk. If you have multiple watches, you can rotate and wear them on different days. Sometimes, you might even want to pair certain watches based on your mood that day. This will give your watch more wrist-time and your appreciation for it will grow further.
  6. You will be able to develop an emotional connection with the watch. For instance, the watch has been through together with you, many pivotal moments in your life. Your watch has braved your difficult moments in life and has always been there for you. It has never let you down.
  7. The mechanical watch brings back strong memories and highlights of your past achievements. Looking at it forces you to recall the pleasant moments in life.
  8. You might have purchased it to mark or commemorate something special, like your 30th birthday or the birth of your new-born. Big occasions are meant to be celebrated and you need to reward yourself once in a while. There is no better way to reward yourself than to buy a quality timepiece. Treat yourself.
  9. If you buy a vintage piece, you might be able to chat with the previous owner and understand his motivations behind owning the watch and the story behind the watch. This makes it even more personal. You will be able to understand what the watch has been through before it gets handed down to you. It is like a time capsule of memories. A watch can reconnect you with someone from the previous generation.
  10. Time is a fleeting commodity and you can never get it back once it has passed. Hence, looking at your watch will teach you the value of appreciating time for what it is and also remind yourself to make the most of it while you can. Live life to the fullest.
  11. The mechanical watch differentiates you from others. It is unlikely you will see someone with exactly the same watch you own. Even if you saw met that someone, you can chat with the guy and talk about your common love for a particular brand or model. People who buy certain brand and type of watches certainly share a common bonding.
  12. You will be able to go for watch events like watch releases and appreciate watches that fellow collectors or watch enthusiasts might own. Sharing a common passion with others certainly brings about a huge sense of life satisfaction.
  13. Buying a good mechanical watch also indicates that you believe in the craftsmanship and effort that goes behind creating a mechanical watch. A mechanical watch can rarely be completely machine-assembled and finished. Compared to quartz, a mechanical watch is usually made up of over 100 tiny components painstaking assembled together.
  14. Owing a good watch will elevate your status to an Alpha Male. This is a guy who knows what he wants and is ambitious. He is also willing to work hard to obtain what he deserves. This makes you more attractive to the ladies.
  15. Your confidence levels are immediately boosted once you own a good watch and you are able to swagger in style. This can be also a useful conversation starter with the ladies. You will be able to explain the mechanics of the watch and impress them with your knowledge.
  16. You might feel naked if you walk on the street without your mechanical timepiece. Your watch forms a part of you and if you don’t wear it, it might seem that something essential is missing from your life.
  17. Even though quartz watches are more accurate, you feel that life is not so much about accuracy and that life is not perfect in general. There are ups and downs in life and we must learn to navigate them.
  18. A mechanical watch ticks away and it feels more alive than a quartz watch. In addition, you can measure the accuracy of your mechanical watch and service it once the watch is no longer accurate. Just like humans, repair and body maintenance in the form of exercise etc is important for optimal functioning.
  19. Some mechanical watches glow in the dark (coated with Superluminova or use of tritium tubes). If yours does, it means that you will have developed a keen appreciation of elements of light.
  20. You can rub shoulders with others in the watch game. You can compete to see who the winner is. People playing the watch game will respect you for who you are. This will also motivate you to continue to work hard in your career so that you can afford your next grail watch.
  21. Owning a quality timepiece after saving up painstaking for it gives you a wonderful sense of achievement. Your hard work has all paid dividends. You made it!

A mechanical watch is a piece of art and engineering. It is a living thing, it ticks like your heart beats, only 28,000 times every hour. It never stands still, like your heart. It’s a piece of art, technology, a living thing – not a boring, battery driven computer chip. – Leonard Lowe

Wind up your great-grandfather’s pocket watch, and you’re transported to a time when men wore waistcoats and traveled by train. The passage of time separates us from the men who came before us. A watch reconnects us. – Jason Heaton



Dating Tips 105

The 10 Laws of Alpha Male (How to Become Alpha Male and Attract Women) by Jason Travis

This book will teach you what it takes to be an alpha male. This book will highlight the concept of alpha male. If you aren’t in control of your life and you tend to follow others, chances are you are beta. Beta and omega men aren’t attractive to girls. An alpha man is assured and leads and will take control of the situation. He does not ask people for permission to do things. He calls the shots. He doesn’t hesitate and takes action immediately. He is the guy who everyone else looks up to. You must become the alpha male.

Purpose of Life. They know what they want and lead fulfilled lives. All that matters is that you have a purpose and are driven towards it. Take steps towards it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example of a guy who took up bodybuilding when he was very young. There are 3 steps you can take to move in this direction. Step 1: Work Out What You Want to Do. Look at your life and see what motivates you. You must dream big. Step 2: Write Down your Purpose. That thing will become real once it’s written down. Step 3: Move Forward Every Single Day. You will reach your goal if you keep moving forward towards it one step at a time. Keep working at your goal. People will be able to tell that you have a goal and it will have a huge impact of how others perceive you.

Confidence. Don’t let insecurities get in your way. They harness nervous energy and use it to their advantage. The alpha male doesn’t care what others think and he simply walks over to talk to a girl he likes. He doesn’t care about what others think of him. You must think that she is beautiful and that you must get to know her. Alpha males do not let emotions control them. Harness the negative energy to your advantage.

Masculine Energy and Presence. Women find it attractive. This is defined by being assertive and using of logic/analytical thinking. They like men who take control of the situation. Alpha males feel good from the inside and do not need any external validation from others. Masculinity should come natural to men. If you let situations control you, women will not find that to be attractive.

Alpha Communication Skills. The key is to use a deep and manly voice. Also, slow down your rate of speaking. Steer the conversation in the right direction if you have to. Inject humour into the conversation. Also, you can laugh at yourself so as to make others feel better and more comfortable. Give genuine compliments. Give eye contact and adopt a strong posture. Most of the US presidents are alpha males who are supremely confident. Allow time for others to speak and chip in with their contributions. Alpha men compliments others and have no ulterior motive.

Alpha Social Skills. Don’t compare yourself to others. Also, don’t have that feeling that you need to feel superior to others than you are speaking to. You already have the permission to talk to anybody you want. Stop competing with others and try to match their achievements. If you want to talk to someone, just go do it. Let nothing hold you back.

Alpha Male Style. Dress well and carry yourself as the alpha male. Your clothing must fit properly. Get T-shirts to fit snugly around your arms and to make you look bulky. Get a few pairs of jeans. However, do not get skinny jeans. Buy a couple of suits. Also, buy a great timepiece. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin.

The only accessory you need is a watch, a good quality masculine timepiece can make you look more alpha than ever! – Jason Travis

Body Language. Displaying the right body language is the key. Stand with an open chest, straight back and neck and with legs apart. Walk with slow balanced steps. Take medium length steps. Give with your body open and do not fold your arms.

How to live life on your own terms. The alpha male makes his own decisions. Grant yourself permission to do something and never wait for anyone. Sometimes, you need to say ‘no’ so that you have time and energy to pursuit your own hobbies etc. Keep working at your hobby until you realize that you are too old. The key is to be alpha and do not let anyone take control of your life.

Developing an Attraction Mind-set. You must have the mind-set of attracting the perfect woman. Do not settle for less. Keep telling yourself and project the image that ‘I am attractive to women’. Always be ready to attract women. Develop the abundance mentality. This means not to act desperate in front of women as you know that there are many out there. Be calmed and relaxed about things. The alpha man lives for the moment. Go out and embrace life. Always keep yourself in an open state to attract women.

The beta male always live for what might happen tomorrow: he puts off asking a girl out in case she says no, he puts off trying new things and having new experiences in case he doesn’t enjoy it, and he spends his life wondering ‘what if’ rather than looking back at the things he’d done. – Jason Travis

Living the Alpha Male Healthy Lifestyle. An alpha male has a fit and toned body. He desires to look good and feel good about himself. This sends out a good signal. Learn to eat well and exercise well. The harder you work, the better your results will be. It definitely helps to look good as this makes you more attractive to the women out there.


Dating Tips 104

Fifteen Easy Ways to Approach Women, Be Confident and Find Love by Michael Mayweather

Dating Advice. Approaching women can be tough. Men sabotage themselves when they have a fear of rejection. Sometimes, you may forget what to say etc. Some men have limiting beliefs, such as believing the girl is too attractive for you. You have to let go of these beliefs. Women like confident and charming men. Certain tactics work better for certain situations.

Coffee Shops. This is not the ideal place to pick up women. There may be people studying. Sit down beside a cute girl when you see one. You could ask her anything, like what is she working on etc. Start off the conversation in a light hearted manner. Later, you can find out more about her likes/hobbies etc. Flirt and then get her number at the end of it all.

Bars. Your guy friends group can approach a group of girls. Try to listen in and laugh when they cracked a funny joke. Try to get close to their group first. Ask the girl you like for an opinion on something. Use your friends to distract the other girls who you are not interested in. Try to isolate her from the group after you first made contact with her.

Clubs. The noise is too loud. Therefore, you need to rely on body language and physical presence. To get her attention, offer to buy her a drink. Tell a joke or tease her at the bar area. Later, offer to dance with her. At the dance floor, you must be a great dancer if you want to pick up women. Emanate confidence and pull the women to dance with you. Try a dance-off if you are good. When the opportunity arises, pull her away from the group.

House Parties. You can play games with girls and guys. These will make the girls more attracted to you. If there is a quiet area, start talking to her and ask her who she knows.

Events. Talk to the girl about the event in general and why you are attending such an event. Don’t let the opportunity pass you. The good thing about events is that you already have something in common with her. Therefore, one should not let the opportunity slip.

Concerts. Try to approach her in between songs. Dance with her when the music starts again. Tell her how much you like the band. Get hyped up when you approach her in between band sets. Later, suggest to her that you want to appreciate the music together with her.

The Dog Park. Women can’t resist if you are walking a cute dog. The dog is your greatest wingman. Draw the girl in and get her to play with your dog too. Alternatively, you can play with her dog too.

The Beach. This is challenging as there might be hot guys as competition. Approach 1 on 1. Look at her face and not her body as much as possible. Do not make your intentions clear. Invite them to play ball with you in the water.

At Work. Rely on your charm. Complement her and make a joke about someone else. Tell her that she is cool and then ask for her number.

The Street. This is one of the toughest ways to approach someone. Think fast and be witty. Comment about what she is wearing or carrying. Compliment her dress/attire. Probe deeper to find out more about her. The other tactic is to tell her that you only asked her because you wanted to talk to her and wanted to get to know her more.

Public Transport. It is difficult as the train might be crowded. You must not worry about what others might think. Just talk to her about anything. Tell her how cramped the train is. Ask her about her work. Make her feel comfortable and you must be friendly. Do not start with flirting as things might get awkward.

The Grocery Store. Ask the girl for a recommendation for a product. Be creative and simple. You can also recommend a recipe for her. Keep the conversation flowing at the check-out. The key is to ask for her number after the checkout.

The Gym. Girls don’t like to be hit on when they are exercising. Flash the girl a genuine smile. If she smiles back, it is a sign that you can chat with her. Ask her how her routine is going .You can leave her alone next time, but this gives you the window to continue talking to her in future. Talking after is preferred.

Fitness classes (like yoga, pilates) are actually a great workout alternative which I’d recommend to anyone anyway, but as a bonus they’re typically dominated by women. If you spot a cute girl in a class you’re taking, you can chat to her either before or after class – never during. – Michael Mayweather

Girls in Groups. The trick is never to express interest in the girl you want right at the start. You must disarm the dominant alphas. Tease the group and talk to the men first. Disengage them so that they won’t think you are ‘creepy’. Ask about her friends. Finally, close by moving her to a quieter spot.

Using a Wingman. Flirt openly with her. Use a wingman to help you to distract the other girls.