Small Pleasures by The School of Life (Part 2)

Sunday Mornings. It is a quiet morning and you do not have much to accomplish or do. Sundays are the days for us to explore ourselves and to rediscover ourselves. In the past, Sundays were set aside for religion. However, your time on Sundays are special and should be protected. It can be frustrating if your day is filled up with distractions. One has the opportunity to re-engage with the wider horizons of one’s life. We can focus on the silent and the eternal. This is a place of tenderness and beauty. Sunday mornings are our distinct, unusual time which should be guarded at all cost.

You’re briefing liberated from the pressure of watching the clock; you don’t need to keep up. No one will be expecting anything of you until tomorrow morning. – The School of Life

A Beloved’s Wrist. The skin on the inside of the forearm is smooth and delicate. Looking at your beloved’s wrist can renew tender feelings. It can lead to remember why you first fell in love with them. You can trace to their hand actions and remember things from their past which triggered them to perform as such.

A Favorite Old Jumper. It’s one that you hardly wear. There is a hole in it now. However, you know that it has been through a lot with you. It was lovely to wear it. People will come to love us precisely for the small things.

With the jumper we rehearse something key. It is a transitional object that helps us along the path not from childhood to adulthood but towards old age. – The School of Life

Holding Hands with a Small Child. We try to be encouraging and sweet to the little ones we once were. You are fascinated by how charming the kid can be. You become fascinated with the world, just like the kid.

And for a brief pointed time one is astonished by the utter strangeness of the course of human experience which gradually takes everyone from childhood to death. – The School of Life

Old Stone Walls. You do not know the exact date the walls were built, but centuries of harsh weather has affected the stone. It has been around for ages. Time usually brings things to ruin. Thins can be get better as they age. The old wall looks better as it ages. The idea of a wall is something we welcome with a feeling of joy.

The old is a good image of ageing and endurance: it’s not getting worse; strangely, it’s nicer because it is older, counteracting our fears that to be old is to be worn out, unlovable, useless and ignored. – The School of Life

Realising You Both Dislike the Same Popular Person. Somehow, you have learned to be cautious and avoid certain types of people. Sometimes, you don’t like those who keep accommodating and prefer those who speaks their mind. Shared antipathy can bond people together. You feel bonded over the hatred for someone.

It’s lovely not having to explain or defend one’s feelings in a hostile environment. It’s a relief not having to politely nod in supposed agreement just to keep the peace. – The School of Life

Feeling at Home in the Sea. It might require some courage to dip yourself in the ocean, but you gradually realize that it isn’t too difficult. You will bob up and down. You use a mask and snorkel, which enables you to breathe. Now, you can be yourself underground. Shapes and things look bizarre underwater. You are now thrilled by the adventurous part of you.

And when you emerge, dripping and pleasantly tired, and make your way to the warm beach, you bring that part of yourself with you back from the sea, where it had been living in exile, waiting for you. – The School of Life

“Bad” Magazines. You would probably not want to buy such magazines. You wouldn’t want to be seen outside reading it too. It can be oddly pleasing. We are encountering different ways of being. By reading these magazines, we can get more in touch with our other selves. We also become less dismissive of others after reading about them. It is a small pleasure.

The lives we actually lead are tiny slivers of what is imaginatively possible. A slight shift in the past could have led to a very different kind of existence. There are lots of ways we could conceivably have turned out. – The School of Life

The Song You Want to Listen to Again and Again. The song has grown on you. You might have heard it before but have forgotten about it. But now, you want to listen to it all the time and can’t get enough of it. But we can’t explain why we love the song so much. Our brains take cues from sounds. ‘Ave Maria’ enfold us in tenderness. Music has the power to move us and influence us. Hey Jude lyrics – Don’t be Afraid is very powerful indeed. Some songs encourage us to recognize the vulnerability in others. Mozart’s music can be gracious and sad.

A Book That Understands You. A book gets you. The author never knew you but it seems like he did for a long time. Everything is on target. You might feel lonely even though you are surrounded by people and loved ones. Such a good book will tackle problems which you normally ignore. The book can actually validate your sufferings, telling you that it is okay to be who you are.

Our weirder sorrows – or enjoyments – are recast as valid parts of human experience, which can be met with sympathy and kindness. – The School of Life

Crying Cathartically Over the Death of a Fictional Character. Why do we mourn their deaths? Lovely things might seem weak. Things can be transient. We feel sorry when we disagree with them. We often do not express our love fully when the person is still around. We are angry at the idiotic randomness of death. No one deserves to die. When it comes to death, death reorganizes our priorities.

We may only realise the full extent of our love for people too late. We are being agonisingly alerted not just to a possible loss, but to a failure of our own. – The School of Life

Pleasant Exhaustion After a Productive Day. It is 9:45pm and you are happy with your work progress made. Your body is aching slightly but you feel good. You make a nice cup of tea. Your brain has done its work. You thought that it couldn’t be done initially, but you accomplished it nonetheless. You feel confident about solving your own problems in your outside life, come what may. We feel honourable tiredness. It is pleasant tiredness and feel like sleep is our reward.

The pleasure we feel after a good but hard day’s work is linked to a positive experience of willpower. It was tempting to break off; you could have put it off until tomorrow, but you didn’t. You stuck with the big thing. – The School of Life

It’s also to do with a sense of mastery: in anticipation we slightly feared the task. But we got on top of this tricky thing and we tamed it. – The School of Life

We’re capable of rousing ourselves, of focus and of sustained effort. We can stick with something difficult and keep going through the temptations to break off and seek distraction. We’ve been just a little bit heroic and we know it and it feels nice. – The School of Life

Old Photos of One’s Parents. You spot a young photo of your mum, when we was about 8. What was it like to be alive back then? You also spot a photo of your dad when he was much younger. By from these photos, we realize that we hardly know them when they were younger. We know that our parents are trying our best. Our parent’s life wasn’t mainly about us.

Whispering in Bed in the Dark. You are talking to your partner in the dark. Whispering feels sexy. Deep privacy can be very liberating. Whispering in the dark is important. We need the assistance of cues. You can be tender without much fear. You are joining forces with your childhood self.

And this what gives whispering in the dark its special place in our lives. We have all the liberating benefits of being alone – but we are also with another person. – The School of Life

Cypress Trees. You have a soft spot for them, just that you didn’t know. They feel both shy and aloof. They feel private. The tree is a sermon of endurance and can live for ages on end. It will be around long after you are gone. The trees can grow well in places that are not hospitable. It is an image of resilience.

A tree is stuck in the single place where it was planted or where the seed happened to fall into a little crevice. Naturally, we’re attracted to the idea of being able to alter our condition, but sometimes we just have to put up with difficulties. Our bigger commitments tie us to a situation. – The School of Life

News of a Scientific Discovery. It can be charming. All science is interesting. However, scientific discoveries are linked with progress. Nature is a dark mystery but we like to investigate it. We can work together towards these discoveries. It is not by pure luck. Thorough research went into the research. This is the collective power of humanity. A lot of areas have been researched on and understood. Hopefully, these discoveries will be translated into textbooks and synthesized for the young.

Feeling Someone Else is Wrong. Sometimes, we know deep down that someone else is wrong. We feel good because we are absolutely right and they are absolutely wrong. We get an appreciation of our own intelligence. For most of the time, we don’t know for certain whether we are right. It is satisfying to us. You can cope with your terrors and can hold your own in conversations etc. We feel a sense of cognitive progress.

The Teasing of Old Friends. You don’t mind being teased by friends and are okay with it. A lesson is delivered in an interesting form. We do not see it as a form of criticism. However, if knowledge is wrapped in a wrong way, we may reject learning it. You know your friends are not malicious but only want you to learn. We despair knowledge and love – being united. However, when it comes to friends, it is possible to find the sweet spot. You can also tease them back and you know that they won’t mind at all.

Getting Over a Row. You got angry because you wanted to make a point which they couldn’t see. You don’t want to apologise. As we cool down, we might experience small pleasures. At work, you do not dare to be angry because you fear to be so. It also feels good to have cleared the air. You can look at them in a more measured way. At least, you both tackled the troublesome issue. Forgiveness is also important. Sometimes, we can just make do with small problems.

A relationship has to include the madder, more unreasonable parts of ourselves. If I can be overtly angry with you, it’s because you have made me feel safe enough to be so. – The School of Life

Conflict is a pretty much unavoidable part of living closely with another person and being involved in big, complicated mutual undertakings. But we’re all right now and that’s nice – until the next time. – The School of Life

Planning the Ideal Routine. It is nice to write out a plan for your week ahead. Having a schedule means that we should be using our time wisely. We should assign the tasks to distinct slots. You can also include tasks like napping and thinking. Make time for thinking about your past etc. For chores, plan them at one go in a week, followed by a small reward after the chores. A routine can keep you on track and on the ball. You always wanted to be more organized, productive and a routine will help you get there.

You won’t have to decide to do them and summon a special burst of willpower: after the first dozen times they start to become semi-automatic. The day begins to flow. You’re not always prodding and badgering yourself to get on with what you should be doing. – The School of Life

Finally Gaining the Respect of a Previously Suspicious Colleague. Now, your colleague smiles at you. They are happy to see you around. They have sweet sides for you too. They wanted to see if you could prove yourself. Prove yourself you did. It is normal for people not to warm up to you from the start. But that’s okay.

This person’s goodwill is worth having because they don’t give it away automatically. They have warmed to you because you have proved yourself. Their approval is a measure of your own development. – The School of Life

‘Getting’ A Great Work of Art for Yourself. We are worried that we will seem ignorant. Why should one even care about art? Sometimes, you might find works that speak to you. Mood is a crucial ingredient in the experience. In the right mood, things look great. Understanding a piece is a very personal thing. The works exists for you.

That’s why getting one work of art opens a door to the enjoyment of many others. Because you’ve discovered in yourself the key to engagement. – The School of Life

Midnight Walks. You need to get away from something. You glow in the night. The street lamps seem fascinating. You try to touch the moon. Midnight walks help the brain to think. In reality, there could be many things bugging you. Select one to think about when you are walking. Avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly. You don’t really know what is going on in another person’s mind. Our complaints are endless but a stroll in the night will lead you to forget that. Our life’s problems are legitimate and normal. We are mapping some emotional terrain. Learn to define the need. Why am I really stuck with an annoying partner? Sometimes, you must understand that not everything is in your control. Life is short and yet humans want to feel important.

But at midnight, away from others, we can briefly get enough distance to recall the strangeness of being human. We are deeply peculiar organisms; we are mysteries to one another and to ourselves; we don’t really know why we ourselves do what we do half the time. – The School of Life

In the night it’s a little easier to keep in mind that the human condition is sombre; we are frail creatures inhabiting the outer crust of a minuscule lump of rock orbiting a very average star. – The School of Life

But at other points it is sweet to feel that maybe our actions don’t matter – they will be lost in the greater tides of human existence, and all our follies and errors will melt away very soon, as if they had never been. – The School of Life

Flirtation. You often have to speak to someone else from another company over the phone. He seems to be flirting with you. It’s a flirtatious moment. You might flirt with an old friend at a party. Flirting is a mating ritual. However, it might not be erotic in nature but more aligned with friendship. Not everything should be viewed as foreplay. We need reminders from others that we are lovely. Flirting can be also seen as a demonstration of kindness and interest. Flirtation is safe in a workplace environment. It is a safe version of seduction.

Essentially, when we flirt we are showing another person that we like them and find them attractive. – The School of Life

The First Day of Feeling Well Again. You were sick for the past few days. Being unwell sucks. Someone bought you a gift to make you feel better. When sick, you suffered from low energy levels and didn’t bother much about work. Your sexual appetites waned and you felt calm. Feeling energetic is important. Your appetite is now back in order and you feel much better. When sick, you start to imagine things, just like a child.

Daisies. They are simply too small and can live from year to year. It is one of the nature’s most charming colour arrangements. The petals close up when in the dark and re-open in the day. Like the daisy, biological factors dominate and control us too. We get affected by events and it affects our moods etc. Daisies are abundant.

We disdain the daisy for an unfortunate reason: it is abundant. It’s a victim of the unfortunate idea that to be special something has to be rare. – The School of Life

Figs. You might encounter it once in a while. You don’t think much of it. However, it seems charming and tastes pleasant. Rituals are important. It provides a sense of appreciation in order to get us into a valuable state of mind. The ritual comes as a timely reminder for us. Rituals are usually developed over a large period of time. Similarly, small pleasures need rituals. The pull of it is smaller and that is why we need reminding.

The pull of small pleasures is much weaker than that of sex or video games or drinking wine or wolfing down a bar of chocolate; these are pleasures we need no reminding of, and we often have to painfully struggle to limit their sway in our lives. With small pleasures it’s the opposite. We’re more likely to lose touch with them. They easily get crowded out. We actively need to build up their presence in our lives. – The School



Four Quadrant Living by Dina Coleman

Making Healthy Living Your New Way of Life

The 4 quadrants are psycho-spiritual, behavioural, communal and systematic. Learn to be mindful. Make minor tweaks to your life. Take charge of your health. Make little changes to your life.

Health is an experience. You can always improve your health. Improve the way you do Life. Work out what is going on in your Mind, Body, and Relationships & Environment.

The author was at high risk of cancer. Her sister contracted Stage 3 cancer. Because of all that, the author lived in fear of disease and dying. She left the corporate world and headed back to school. Life does impact your health. It is possible to change your life circumstances. Her sister recovered and is cancer free now. Some chronic diseases can be prevented. Learn to experience healthy living. Live radiantly.

Health is not just about exercising well and eating well. It is about relationships and the environment too. Genes can be turned on or off. Modern eating habits are not doing us any favours. Every individual has their optimal nutritional needs. Heart disease can be prevented. Your way of life matters a lot. Learn to calm your mind. Be mindful and focus on your breathing. Nourish your body and ensure adequate sleep. Remove the toxic relationships in your life. Have a strong support group when things are failing.

Mind and Health (Part 1)

This comprises of our thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions etc. Stress can be good or bad. Too much stress is detrimental to your body. Reframe the way you look at something and change your attitude towards it. Meditate and breathe in and out. Positive thoughts can heal us. The placebo effect can work sometimes.

Creating Your Masterpiece. Do not envy others who know what they wanted when they were young. The key is to stop talking and do more. Pick up the paintbrush and start creating. If you can’t change anything about a lousy job, you can change your mind-set about it. Use the words ‘I choose’. Paint your picture.

Wish I Were Here. It is challenging to live in the present. Notice interesting facts about your body. Be mindful and experience everything in the moment. Mindfulness can be practised anywhere, at any time.

You’re Laughing Now? Make the most out of the situation. The feeling of control is crucial. The 5 ways to find humour are (1) Be objective; (2) Reframe the situation; (3) Let go of control; (4) Feel gratitude; (5) Lighten up. Try to see humour even in stressful situations.

Meditation with Hollywood. Meditation has been on my to-do list. Learn to focus on your breathing. Clear your mind and focus on one thing. Create space in your mind. It should come easily and calmly. It is helpful in disease prevention and health promotion.

Productive Unproductiveness. When you are too busy, sometimes it helps to take a well-deserved breather. Stress can lead to increased productivity, but only up to a certain point. When you are overworked, you need to know it yourself and learn to take a breather. Enter into your healthy function zone.

Free to be Me. Being authentic is the best. Follow your own path. Know your purpose. Live in the flow. Quiet your mind. Focus on the positive. Choose your friends wisely. Don’t be afraid of failure. Trust your inner guide. Declare yourself. Let go of your ego. ‘Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else’.

Birthday Hat Dare. Laughter is free and fun and good for your health. There are many benefits to laughter. Wear your birthday hat and walk around. On your birthday, have courage and wear a hat wherever you go.

We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. – Benjamin Franklin

Rise and fall. Breathing is important. When we are stressed, we tend to breathe in a shallow manner instead. Diaphragmatic breathing is the best. Put your hand on your stomach and breathe. You should see your stomach rising. Pay attention to your breath.

Losing my Mindfulness. When you are too busy, you tend to miss appointments. When you are too busy, you lose your concentration. Review your schedule for the coming day. Learn to be grateful. Set your intentions and learn to meditate. Review your schedule for the upcoming day.

What a Difference a Day Makes. 8 tips for yourself. Detach yourself and observe from a third party perspective. The difference is yourself. Don’t be defined by the situation. Focus on the joyful parts of your life. Learn to ask for help when you are down. Mourn the loss and move forward with optimism. Take a 4 quadrant perspective. Learn to remember what a difference a day makes.

The Mental in Illness. Believe that you are in good health. Do not just focus on your illness. Do not let your illness impact 4 quadrants of your life. Your mind can play a big part in the healing process.

If You Knew You Could Not Fail. Assume that you cannot fail. What would you do if you could not fail? Do you have a healthy mind?

Body and Health (Part 2)

Bill was busy and stressed-out at work. He had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Diet and exercise are crucial and must not be over-looked. Use the 80/20 rule, which is eat healthily 80% of the time and indulge on 20% of the time. There are numerous benefits to exercise. Many adults are not exercising. Fun and exercise doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Do not take anti-depressants as you might become reliant on it.

Living in the 80s. Eating healthy all the time is hard to achieve. Do not feel stressed over eating, otherwise, you will not enjoy it. Throw out your unhealthy food. Reduce your portion size. Wait till you are full first, before considering whether to eat more. Keep it simple. Eat more veggies. Eat mindfully. Dine out with care. Ask yourself why. Pinpoint and control your emotions and understand why you like to eat so much.

Find Your Gypsy. Think creative about your workouts. Adopt the following tips to aid your workouts. 1) Change your framework; 2) Think Creatively; 3) Make the gym fun; 4) Talk and walk; 5) Do it with someone; 6) Count your steps; 7) Crunch at work; 8) Keep moving. Exercise enhances your mood, lowers blood pressure, increases metabolism etc. There are many benefits to exercise.

From A’s to Zzzzzs. The fountain of youth is sleep. Life is so frantic that many people sacrifice sleep. It is not a ‘nice to have’. It is a ‘must have’. Lack of sleep puts you at great risk for infection etc. Sleep is the natural antidote during the day. There are many people who suffer from sleep apnoea. There are 10 ways to sleep better and you should follow them: Go dark and quiet; Stop the caffeine; Eat a bedtime snack; Relax and breathe; Write it out; Watch the liquids; Exercise early; Create bedroom bliss; Stop smoking; Don’t drink and sleep.

Keeping it real. Do not feed yourself fake food. Look at the ingredient list to see whether the product is real or fake. Even snack bars may contain soy protein etc. Look at the ingredient list when buying a product. Some of food have chemical additives and corn/soy. Less is more when it comes to ingredients. Ingredients that are difficult to pronounce are usually fake. Eat the right type of fat. For instance, eat avocados, nuts, seeds, almond butter, olive oil etc. A lot of processed food have GMO content. Some countries ban the use of artificial growth hormones. As consumers, we should demand healthier food choices. Avoid GMO products.

Au Natural. What you put on your skin is important too. Think about your personal care products. Avoid using products containing toxins. Try to avoid products containing parabens, fragrance, phthalates, SLS, propylene glycol etc. To reduce toxic exposure, one can support the right companies, read the ingredient list, use fewer products, know your resources, check the expiry etc.

Just Say Maybe. Take medication mindfully. Be observant as to the side effects that may be present. Do not abuse drug prescriptions. Be wary of drugs that alleviate symptoms but doesn’t go to underlying cause. Vioxx was pulled from the shelves. Do research before taking medication. Find out about side effects. Drug chemistry can react differently for different individuals. Explore natural ways to take care of your health. Your body is an amazing healer.

The Trendy Diet. Soy has been blacklisted recently. Are carbs good? Carbs have been a long term enemy. Fat is good? There was a point when the Atkins diet was popular. Recently, people have been fickle about soy products too. Wheat appears to be the latest enemy. Modern food products contain a lot of gluten. Some people are sensitive to gluten contained in food. Be wary of food sensitivities.

Follow yourself. You are your own advocate of your health. Learn to help yourself. Chemotherapy is not for everyone. There is no right solution for everyone. Learn to do what is right for you. Trust your body and listen to it. Listen to everyone and follow no one.

Diagnosis – Inadequate Eyelashes. Products used to lengthen eye lashes can cause further issues. Beauty is very subjective. Who created the view that long eyelashes are associated with beauty? Worry about aging. Can we cure ‘unattractiveness’? Should we even try to do something like that? We are all products of socialization.

Body Talk. Listen to your body and monitor your blood pressure etc. This is known as biofeedback etc. Observe your before and after readings. When you experience stress, observe how your body reacts to it. Wear a heart monitor etc to monitor how you are. Measure your pulse. Practise deep breathing so that you can enter a relaxed state. Find ways to cope with stress. Hear how your body talk.

Fad-Free Eating. Follow the following 12 tips: 1) Eat real food; 2) Follow the rainbow; 3) Eat organic food; 4) Buy local; 5) skip the bad fats; 6) Play detective; 7) Start the day right; 8) Carry snacks; 9) Go unconventional; 10) Know your fish; 11) Eat for yourself; 12) Follow the 80/20 rule. Drink loads of water. Skip the soda. Please try fad-free eating.

Pink Ribbons and Red Hearts. Do not rely on genetics or statistics solely. We are a data-driven society. Don’t take numbers at face value. Research and you will find out that there are other factors that affect health as well. Dig further into the data.

Relationships and Health (Part 3)

This is about your personal connections with others. Put energy into managing relationships. People with a strong social network live longer. Learn to identify your emotional triggers. Manage your social network. Do not feel low about yourself. Love and intimacy are very powerful factors indeed.

Exiting Stage Left. The quality of relationships you have affect your life. You need caring and supportive friends. Friends who are manipulative are not good for your health. You have the power to choose your relationships. How do you feel after meeting that person? Be genuine in your approach to others. Observe your self-esteem levels. Be mindful of the time you spend with others. Thank your friends who have supported you. For those who have not, please exit stage left.

Trigger Happy. Identify your triggers. A trigger is something that caused you to overreact. Do not be completely reactive. Understand what your abandonment issues are. Now, I have a significant relationship with my parents. What is your trigger? Is it feeling abandoned? Deprived? Vulnerable? There are many other forms of triggers. What can you do about your triggers? Understand what emotion you are feeling and what is causing you to feel that way. Awareness is the first step.

Vitamin T. If you are touch deprived, you could be affecting your health. It helps to calm the skin and warm the heart. The lack of touch can lead to decreased emotional health. Touch helps to relieve stress. Touch can stimulate body mechanisms. Where can you get more Vitamin T in your life?

Me, You and ‘I’. I refer to ‘iPhone’ in this case. However, do not be overly attached to your phone. Do not let it take over your life. Do you text non-stop in the presence of your friends? Are you addicted to social media? Too much clutter can affect your serenity in life. Here are 7 ideas you can consider: 1) reduce email; 2) delete, not forward; 3) help yourself; 4) be present; 5) play the game; 6) disconnect; 7) ask why. One needs to set boundaries with technology.

Find Your People. Who understands your passion for what you do? Who are those who can relate to you completely? You can always be authentic around them. Spend time with those who can relate to you. How can you make an effort to spend more time with those who matter?

Crazy Runner Girl. BOMF encourages people to pick up running. Running reminds people of how similar people actually are. There is no separation between race, gender etc. When you care for your community, you can connect with others on a human level. Helping others give you health benefits too. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose. How can you make the community a better place?

Four-Legged Therapy. Who gives you unconditional love? You can always volunteer at a dog shelter. Pets can bring you immense joy. There are positive physiological responses that come with it. Pet lovers are apparently less stressed than non-pet lovers. There are health benefits associated with loving pets. Give your pet a hug.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi

Do you know? Sometimes, it is good to talk about deeper topics. Record how your family members answer such questions. Get to know your friends and family on a deeper level. Create special bonds with them.

‘I think I’m in love’. That feeling of being in love is amazing. You want to spend a lot of time with your soul mate. How do you keep that spark for love alive? By doing the following 5 things: 1) Make time; 2) Touch more; 3) Greet with a wag; 4) Get to know; 5) Have fun. Be present and love each other.

There is no there. Bad news sells and dominates the news industry. There is no there, it is only here. Global tragedies affect us. Global stock markets were affected by the Japanese Earthquakes. When others are suffering, we feel it. Seek out meaning and be happy. Live the best life you can. Create the life that you want. Be happy and live healthily.

Freaky Friday. Try to understand things from another person’s perspective. Write your feelings in a diary and understand how other people make you feel. Talk to it. Use the first person pronoun, ‘I’. See things from their point of view. Do the 3-2-1 exercise. Is there someone in your life who is a source of sadness and anger? Maybe you can try to look at the relationship from their perspective.

Dying Healthy. You can still be healthy with cancer. It’s your choice. Put good food into your body and move around. Do not let the disease take control of your life. Work with the disease instead of against it. Some cultures fear death. Learn to accept death as a part of life by talking more about it. Information is power. Don’t let the illness take control of your life. If one quadrant is down, focus on the other three. Watch what you say. Pick your own label and befriend death and disease.

Environment (Part 4)

This represents both the natural and constructed environment. The environment is not separate from us. There are many potential toxins in our body. We ingest them all the time. Toxins are linked to poor health effects. Learn to use recycled materials etc. The environment will have an impact on your health.

Green Exercise for the Sole and Soul. Green exercise is exercise that is done in nature. Some outdoor exercise is beneficial. Unplug and listen to the sound of nature. Listen to the sights and sounds around you. Take a lesson from how others. How will you nourish your soul?

Shoeless Sanctuary. Make your home a healthy sanctuary. 1) Leave shoes at the door; 2) Clean green; 3) Limit the leaching; 4) Remodel with care; 5) Set bugs free; 6) get an air cleaner; 7) Garden organically; 8) Be quiet.

Free Space, Free Mind. Do some spring cleaning once in a while. Create space in your physical environment. Free up space for a non-cluttered mind. Be honest about the kitchen. Get rid of unnecessary materials in the bathroom. Sort and file materials in the office. Consider cancelling subscription of magazines you don’t read. Discard old gifts which you don’t need. Sell your old items on Craigslist etc. Recycle old materials. Consider donating your old items.

Don’t Judge a Weed. Weeds are the enemy? You need to expend a lot of effort to kill a weed. Approach them with an open mind. Weeds are beneficial for your health. They are also a good source of protein etc. Learn to work with nature. Dandelions are packed with good vitamins and minerals.

Shrinking Your Waistline. Use less resources so as to protect the environment. 1) Forgo plastic; 2) Carry your own bag; 3) Double up the paper; 4) Don’t toss the napkins; 5) Let the fingers do the typing; 6) Don’t flush the meds; 7) Recycle right; 8) Save water. There are many changes you can do to reduce the impact on our environment.

Frying the Birds. Life is not good for seagulls when they munch on leftover food left behind by humans. It is also best not to touch wildlife. The laws seldom protect animals sufficiently. Be mindful of wildlife. Expand from our compassionate circle to include all living creatures. Nature and us are in balance. We should not disrupt it.

Vinegar and Soda, Please. Toxins released from cleaning products can affect you. Be mindful of the products used on your skin. Cleaning products can affect the skin. Avoid ingredients like petroleum distillates, phosphates, triclosan, ammonia and others. Use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. Get back to basics when choosing cleaning products.

No More Litter Bugs. People litter for different reasons. It start fires, reduce property values, causes car accidents etc. Learn to develop the habit of picking up litter wherever you go. Make it fun. Educate others. Volunteer. What are the steps you can take to keep your environment clean?

Stop the (Holiday) Madness. There is too much waste during the holiday period. Limit the holiday cards. Go potted. Try homemade gifts. Give less. Create traditions. Be creative with gift wrap. Forgo the ribbons. Save energy. Enjoy getting into the holiday spirit. Health is a significant part of pleasure too.

Sleep Deprivation Unit. Hospitals isn’t a very pleasant place to visit. We can make the environment more cozy and make it more attractive for people to visit. You can make small changes to your environment. Play the tunes. Feel the love. Bring the outdoors in. Set the mood. Nourish your body.

Eating for the Planet. Understand what the various ways for eating well are. 1) Go Local; 2) Buy organic; 3) Eat it all; 4) Load up on plants; 5) Skip the process; 6) Support green businesses; 7) Grow your own; 8) Compost; 9) Be thankful.

My Love Affair with a Mountain. I have always enjoyed nature hikes etc. It is a must have. Mount Diablo is one of my loves. Marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature. Nature gives us so much. It provides clean and beautiful air. It connects and reunites us all.

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