Sleep like an Angel – Sleep Secrets by Scott Sterling

No More Sleep Deprivation, Fatigue and Insomnia

The Basics. This book will describe many characteristics of sleep and why it is important to you. It will also show how you can adjust your lifestyle to achieve better sleep. There are too many distractions in modern life and it is common to suffer from sleep problems. Your quality of life has a huge impact on your mood, energy, ability etc. Humans cannot do without sleep. A lack of sleep will cause you to feel drowsy. Sleep should feel natural to all of us. Our brain can be active when asleep, especially when we are experiencing dreams. Our physical muscles get affected due to lack of recovery time. Our body temperature falls when we sleep and thus it is important to keep warm.

Type of Sleep and Sleep Cycles. Our body clock follows a certain circadian rhythm. We are subjected to bright and dark environments during the day/night. It is good to ensure that there are not too many unnatural influences on your body clock. The first phase of sleep is non-REM sleep. The next major stage is a REM phase. This is usually on the stage of wakefulness. Each cycle of non-REM + REM should last about 5 to 6 cycles. A key factor of how much sleep you need is dependent on your age. Newborns need the most sleep. Adults will need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep. For those above 65, they will likely require 7 hours or slightly less. This is the outline of sleep requirements.

Knowing Your Own Sleep Partners. How many of us are aware of our sleep patterns? Most of us do not get enough sleep. You need to be strong willed if you vow to go to bed earlier than usual. Do not sleep normally at night? Or are you affected by shift work and all. It is usually difficult to fall asleep in public transport facilities. Even if you can sleep, it is likely that the sleep is not of good quality. If you bring work home or like to check emails at night, work can follow you home. Try to keep a sleep diary in order to track the sleep that you require. You can use devices to be able to track your sleep patterns. Knowing what is going on will aid your sleep patterns. The movements in your house might affect your sleep patterns/habits. Project in time for exercise so that you can sleep better during the night. Nowadays, hospitals have the modern technology to measure your sleep patterns and habits.

Sleep Disorders and Related Conditions. Insomnia can be caused by stress or anxiety. Physical and mental health conditions also play a part. In addition, drinking excessively also affects sleep quality. Some people have body clock disorders. This means that some people will fall asleep in the day rather than in the night. Snoring excessively can cause sleep apnea. Snoring usually gets worse with ageing. Surgery is an option for serious cases of snoring. Some people suffer from breathing or movement disorders. Alzheimer’s disease does affect sleep. Asthma must be controlled as it can affect sleep. Lung conditions also must be managed too. Depression must be addressed as well. Epilepsy can result in seizures. Other conditions include sleepwalking, sleep talking and bedwetting. Hormonal changes can affect sleep patterns too.

Getting in the Sleep Mindset. Ensure that you should be in the best mentality before you go to bed. We tend not to want to go to bed early as we could spend a bit more time watching tv etc. Blue light or light from your cell-phone will affect your quality of sleep. Try not to use these devices before bedtime. Walking in the park or going for a jog in the evening might enable you to clear your mind. Mental wellbeing is very important. Try and think of other things that can calm you down. For instance, classical music and a warm bath.

Setting Up Your Sleep Environment. Sleep is very personal. Temperature of your bedroom is fundamental in nature. A bedroom that is too warm will affect your sleep quality. Use a fan or air-conditioning. The mattress material and comfort level is of paramount importance. In addition, so is the use of pillows and clothing. Your clothing should be one where it can breathe freely. A pillow must have a strong support function. Artificial lighting is a no-no. Use thick curtains if necessary. Noise can keep you awake too. A level of constant noise from the air-con might not be necessarily a bad thing. Consuming high protein food late in the evening is not advisable.

Exercise and Sleeping Aids. As for your mental state, it is neither good to under or over-stimulate the mind throughout the day. Over-stimulating might lead you feeling stressed. Under-stimulating might leave you bored and frustrated. A certain level of physical activity leads to better sleep. This has been proven by research. The overall benefits of exercise are clear and should not be under-estimated. Sleeping pills should only be used in the short-term. Consult your doctor before trying any radical solutions. Natural remedies like lavender, valerian may work too.