Dating Tips 108

How to find a Girlfriend Through Online Dating by Blaine Bond

The Complete Guide to Finding Love, Sex and Happiness in the 21st century. Thre are limited places to go to find someone suitable. Online dating is a fairly new phenomenon. No one is born perfect. You just need to find someone you are comfortable with.

So You Want to Be In a Relationship…Right? What are you looking for? Short term or long term. Think about what you are looking for carefully. There are also perks for being single. Is your professional life stable already? Write down exactly what you are looking for in a women. You must know exactly what your beliefs are. This will save you a lot of time. It is important to find the dating site that will best meet your needs.

Finding a Dating Site that Elicits Cheers Instead of an Impending Sense of Doom. eHarmony is a good site. You can use this for serious relationships. is one of the most popular sites out there. However, you have to pay if you want to communicate with anyone. These sites allow you to indicate what you want to see in a partner. ‘Plenty of Fish’ is another viable option. Ok Cupid is one of the best free sites around. Other sites include Craigslist, Zoosk, Chemistry, Friend Finder. Always try and expand your social circles.

Creating an Awesome Profile That Will Make You Look Cool Rather than Weird and Desperate. It is important to post a clear photo which is decent looking. Do not try too hard and post a topless photo of yourself. The photo should be recent. Try not to wear shades. Go for photo-shoots and find your best possible photo to post. Post photos from crazy vacations. Post photos where you are actively engaged in activities. Let women know you like kids. Add captions to photos. Go for positive tag-lines. Browse quote websites and find something suitable. Ensure that what you say must be sincere and something you mean. If you don’t have much to say about yourself, get your friends to chip in and give your ideas. Talk about your favourite activities and your job. If you have a religion, you could mention it too. A unique description will help you stand out from the crowd. Note that your profile should not be excessively long. It is good to fill up the education section too. Education is something girls value. As for income, you should skip this section. Spirituality is an important consideration and you should fill it up. As for political beliefs, it’s your choice. It is important to have activities. Do not lie about height and weight. Above all, it is important to be genuine and truthful in your profile.

Another great option is to simply talk about what you do for a living and your favourite activities. Work and hobbies or other favourite activities are a great way to get to know more about someone and find out if you have shared interests. – Blaine Bond

The Types of Women You Meet Online. The first type is the divorcee. The next type could be the my-job-isn’t-great-for-meeting-guys chick. You might meet the real hot girl. However, it is important to understand that you should not simply compliment her looks. Do not address an older woman as a cougar as it is very rude indeed. Some girls are commitment crazy. Some of them are cat fishes.

Talking to Women Online. The first step is to be literate. Do not use short-forms or net speak unless you know her well. Patience is important when dating. Be respectful when asking questions over the site. Do not bombard her with questions. When you ask something, remember to answer how it applies to yourself. Some safe topics for discussion includes travel, school, food, work, concerts, siblings. Avoid topics like fetish, why you hate your family, affairs you had, sob stories, your ex-relationships. Try not to compliment her on her looks. This might come off as being cheesy and a pick-up line. In general, women loved being asked questions. If you add her on Facebook, your chances will improve. You might even want to add her on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc. Learn to take the slow route. Try and progress to phone call and text if possible. At a minimum, you should chat for about a week before you suggest meeting face-to-face. On a first date, try to avoid meeting for drinks. This might send her the wrong signal that you want to get her drunk so that you can take advantage of her. A coffee date is a good idea. Eat breath mints.

Keep in mind that if she doesn’t respond, it’s not the best idea to continue messaging her. There’s nothing wrong with sending a follow-up message, as it is entirely possible she didn’t read it yet or hasn’t been on the site in a few days. If she still doesn’t respond to your second email, she probably isn’t interested, so move on. – Blaine Bond

To date multiple women at once, or not to date multiple women at once, that is the question. Although you may not get caught, it can be tiring. If you are interested in one girl, drop the rest. If you want a good time, it might be possible to date multiple girls at once. Talking to multiple women might speed up the process.

While it makes sense to talk to more than one woman rather than putting all your eggs in one proverbial basket, it’s still a good idea to try to establish a connection with each of them and see how it goes. Eventually you’ll have to settle on one and let the others down gently. – Blaine Bond

Nine Short Quizzes to Help You Out. A good message could be something like this: ‘Hi, I read your profile and I feel we have a few similar interests. How was your weekend? Do you [pick a hobby from her profile] often?’ It is good to ask questions about her work. It is not appropriate to bring the girl home on the first date. Coffee in the afternoon would seem good. To start a conversation, you can say ‘Have you been to this place before?’ Never criticize or complain when you meet her. Project an image that you have an awesome life. Always pay for the first date. Do not compliment her on her looks that make you seem perverted. It is okay to go out without carrying any accessories. You must impress on your first date if you want to still see her on the second date.

The Pitfalls of Online Dating and How to Cope. Don’t despair and continue looking. Don’t be bitter if she rejects you. Treat it as a learning lesson as you get to improve and understand better what you like in a girl. Serial dating can seem tiring. If you are jaded, take a long trip to recharge. You must seem energetic during the date. If she harasses you, report her on the app or block her.

Part of dating, whether online or not, is rejection. Should the rejection become more commonplace than actual interaction, think about your approach and how you can modify it. You may be coming on too strong, or too pervy. Remember to be respectful and genuine, and eventually the right girl will respond. – Blaine Bond