21 Reasons Why You Need a Good Mechanical Watch


  1. Watches are men’s form of jewellery and it is one of the few ways to flaunt your status and personality. Even if you own a flashy car or collectible paintings, you won’t be able to carry them around with you to the office. A quality timepiece can be stealthy and under-stated. However, only those in the know will be impressed with what you are wearing and the mechanics behind your watch.
  2. It can tell the time. Duh. This is after all the most important function of a wristwatch. Although one is able to tell the time via their smartphone, seeing it on your wrist is certainly more convenient and you do not have to whip out something from your pocket. The watch is the true messenger of time.
  3. You can ogle at its magnificent beauty. In a crowded setting like the train, simply whip out your watch and admire its intricacies and engineering beauty. This provides you with a feel-good factor that you can kick-start your day with.
  4. You need to wind your watch daily for it to continue running smoothly. This requires a certain level of discipline and effort, which is similar to brushing your teeth every morning or even feeding a pet. A certain level of discipline and order is necessary in this chaotic world.
  5. Just like a pet, you can take your watch out for a walk. If you have multiple watches, you can rotate and wear them on different days. Sometimes, you might even want to pair certain watches based on your mood that day. This will give your watch more wrist-time and your appreciation for it will grow further.
  6. You will be able to develop an emotional connection with the watch. For instance, the watch has been through together with you, many pivotal moments in your life. Your watch has braved your difficult moments in life and has always been there for you. It has never let you down.
  7. The mechanical watch brings back strong memories and highlights of your past achievements. Looking at it forces you to recall the pleasant moments in life.
  8. You might have purchased it to mark or commemorate something special, like your 30th birthday or the birth of your new-born. Big occasions are meant to be celebrated and you need to reward yourself once in a while. There is no better way to reward yourself than to buy a quality timepiece. Treat yourself.
  9. If you buy a vintage piece, you might be able to chat with the previous owner and understand his motivations behind owning the watch and the story behind the watch. This makes it even more personal. You will be able to understand what the watch has been through before it gets handed down to you. It is like a time capsule of memories. A watch can reconnect you with someone from the previous generation.
  10. Time is a fleeting commodity and you can never get it back once it has passed. Hence, looking at your watch will teach you the value of appreciating time for what it is and also remind yourself to make the most of it while you can. Live life to the fullest.
  11. The mechanical watch differentiates you from others. It is unlikely you will see someone with exactly the same watch you own. Even if you saw met that someone, you can chat with the guy and talk about your common love for a particular brand or model. People who buy certain brand and type of watches certainly share a common bonding.
  12. You will be able to go for watch events like watch releases and appreciate watches that fellow collectors or watch enthusiasts might own. Sharing a common passion with others certainly brings about a huge sense of life satisfaction.
  13. Buying a good mechanical watch also indicates that you believe in the craftsmanship and effort that goes behind creating a mechanical watch. A mechanical watch can rarely be completely machine-assembled and finished. Compared to quartz, a mechanical watch is usually made up of over 100 tiny components painstaking assembled together.
  14. Owing a good watch will elevate your status to an Alpha Male. This is a guy who knows what he wants and is ambitious. He is also willing to work hard to obtain what he deserves. This makes you more attractive to the ladies.
  15. Your confidence levels are immediately boosted once you own a good watch and you are able to swagger in style. This can be also a useful conversation starter with the ladies. You will be able to explain the mechanics of the watch and impress them with your knowledge.
  16. You might feel naked if you walk on the street without your mechanical timepiece. Your watch forms a part of you and if you don’t wear it, it might seem that something essential is missing from your life.
  17. Even though quartz watches are more accurate, you feel that life is not so much about accuracy and that life is not perfect in general. There are ups and downs in life and we must learn to navigate them.
  18. A mechanical watch ticks away and it feels more alive than a quartz watch. In addition, you can measure the accuracy of your mechanical watch and service it once the watch is no longer accurate. Just like humans, repair and body maintenance in the form of exercise etc is important for optimal functioning.
  19. Some mechanical watches glow in the dark (coated with Superluminova or use of tritium tubes). If yours does, it means that you will have developed a keen appreciation of elements of light.
  20. You can rub shoulders with others in the watch game. You can compete to see who the winner is. People playing the watch game will respect you for who you are. This will also motivate you to continue to work hard in your career so that you can afford your next grail watch.
  21. Owning a quality timepiece after saving up painstaking for it gives you a wonderful sense of achievement. Your hard work has all paid dividends. You made it!

A mechanical watch is a piece of art and engineering. It is a living thing, it ticks like your heart beats, only 28,000 times every hour. It never stands still, like your heart. It’s a piece of art, technology, a living thing – not a boring, battery driven computer chip. – Leonard Lowe

Wind up your great-grandfather’s pocket watch, and you’re transported to a time when men wore waistcoats and traveled by train. The passage of time separates us from the men who came before us. A watch reconnects us. – Jason Heaton