How to live on 24 hours a day by Arnold Bennett


Put in effort in your work wholeheartedly. Have a purpose and take an interest in life. Work not equals to life. Tell yourself to be energetic in the evenings. Wake up earlier in the mornings as that time is the most productive. You can earn more money by using your time but you can’t buy more time with more money. Everyone only has 24 hours a day to live. Time management is the key to success and having a fulfilling life. Pursue your goals and dreams. Pursue reading. Don’t be too ambitious at the start and be content with what you have. Cultivate your mind and body in your free time whenever you can. Engage in activities which would cultivate your mind 3 times a week. Practice self-reflection whenever possible. It would be good if you can appreciate art forms. Nothing in life is boring. Read slowly and absorb what you have learnt. Try not to fail at the start. Do not give up too quickly. Only do activities which interest you. Understand the Universe and people’s motives.



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