Time Management by Hanif Raah (The 24.5 hour day)

Learn Skills and Tips on How to Increase Productivity, Save Time, Organize Your Life and Reach Your Goals Now

Time is finite. We are always short of time. Learn how to use your time optimally. Learn how to work smart and use the most of your time.

What is Time Management? Get more for the effort you put in. Have mastery over your time. Good time management will aid you in every aspect of your life. Your output will increase with good time management. Your energy levels will be at an optimal level too. You will have more time to do other things. Learn to unclutter your mind. Tips: Do not be a perfectionist; Do things for yourself and not to please others; Learn to say ‘no’; Allow buffer time between appointments; Review your to-do lists every day; Stay on schedule and prioritize the items on your list; Write things down and plan; Fit urgent tasks and do them only if they are in your to-do list; write down your life goals.

Time Management Tools You Need. Use SMART goals. WRITE IT DOWN. Have a well-defined action plan. Stay on the path and work towards it, no matter what happens. Your goal should not just be career-related. Your goal should allow you to grow exponentially, intellectually, financially, and personally. Learn to prepare a to-do list. Plan all your waking hours. Do the most unpleasant tasks first. Allow some time for lunch and relaxation. Use apps to track your progress. Your to-do list is important because it will indicate what is urgent/important.

A conducive environment is definitely important. Create an atmosphere for work. Reduce clutter from your environment. File your documents immediately. Write it down and use a planner. Multitasking is anti-productive. It increases stress levels. It is important that you do not multi-task at all. Focus on one deadline at a time, if possible. Switch off all distractions. Switch off your Wi-Fi on your laptop. Stay away from the net and avoid checking your emails too often. Say ‘no’ to friendly chit chat. Minimize distractions. See whether you can delegate any of the tasks on hand. Reward yourself for a job well done, for example, by having a cup of coffee. Do the most difficult task first. Keep strict deadlines for yourself. Take quick breaks after working for an hour. Here are 7 of the greatest time killers: 1) Checking emails; 2) Watching TV; 3) Commuting; 4) Smart Phones; 5) Friendly Chatting; 6) Surfing the Net; 7) Social Media Networks.

The Parkinson’s law states that work will expand to fill the time you allot for its completion. Using this law, try to allot a little less time to the task than you think you would need; not so less that you get stressed out, but just enough to challenge you to do it quicker. – Hanif Raah

Be more efficient. Think about upward and downward delegation. Give clear instructions. Build the competences for those whom are receiving your delegated work. 80% of the result comes from 20% effort.

You will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Improve your eating habits. Have more fruits, vegetables and fish. Drink plenty of water. Exercising is of paramount importance. Try and invest in a health monitor watch if possible. Never sacrifice your sleep. Ensure that you have no distractions at night. Wake up at the same time every day, even on holidays or weekends. Develop a power nap for greater energy in the afternoon. Take some vitamins and minerals as supplements. Make them for fun and leisure activities. Use your weekend to rest and relax.

You need to have your days challenging enough to make each task interesting, yet workable so you keep going. If your day is packed too loosely, you will lose interest in your work; if your schedule is too tight, it will frustrate you into giving up. – Hanif Raah

3d time to management. Concept clock closeup. 3d render


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