So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport


Following your passion is dangerous advice. Buddhism emphasizes on the unity of nature. Autonomy and ability can be more powerful than passion. Learn to develop your skills first. Passion is bullshit. Do not rush. It is difficult to predict in advance what you will love. You need time to grow to learn stuff. It takes hard work to master something. Focus on being better. Adopt the craftsman mindset. To earn a lot, you need to offer something valuable in return. The 3 disqualifiers are (1) The job gives you a few opportunities to learn; (2) The job is useless; (3) The job forces you to work with people you dislike. Time management is very important. Develop muscle memory. 10,000 hours rule. Adopt deliberate practice and study hard. Always seek to get better. Be patient. Control is very important in a job. However, achieving control can be difficult. Do not pursue more control unless you have career capital to back you up. If you are valuable enough and have the right career capital, you can ask your employer for more control. Be wary of the law of financial viability. Your idea must be viable. Have a unifying mission to achieve meaning in life. Master a niche before finding a mission! Use small steps and small bets to see if your mission will be successful in the future. Market your mission to make it known to others.




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